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ITeaworld Black Tea Sampler Review

This is a continuation of my review of the ITeaworld samples I was given. See my post on their Oolongs for a general review of their site and packaging.

Yunnan black tea in a gaiwan

Yunnan Black- This is a tea type I'm very familiar with but don't tend to absolutely love. However, ITeaworld's Yunnan Black highlights aspects of this tea that made me thoroughly enjoy. There are still plenty of malty cocoa notes here, and plenty of thick astringency. What stood out to me were the back notes of plum, fruity coffee, and toast. I really enjoyed this tea more in its shorter or later steeps.

Yingde black tea pouuring into teacup

Yingde- This tea came off as super simple to me. A very malty and herbal black tea with only real notes of red berry or hibiscus. I would definitely consider steeping this tea at a lower temp or flash steeping. If you like the sound of a straightforward tea with that sweet-tart berry flavor, this is probably for you.

lapsang souchong gaiwan gongfu

Lapsang Souchong- This unsmoked lapsang was very solid. Much more balanced than the yingde and good notes of vanilla, cedar, and some floral similar to roses. Might have been my favorite of the black tea bunch.

lapsang souchong gaiwan gongfu tea

Wild Souchong- This smoked Souchong comes off with an intense smoky, meaty, pine and charcoal aroma throughout the session, but especially in the first few steeps. Because of this, I leaned toward shorter steeps and was very glad I did, because this tea offered very smooth and tempered flavor for many steeps. The wood and smoky flavors were just present enough and the actual leaves were surprisingly sweet which worked really well for me. Im not sure if this or the other Lapsang were my favorite.

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