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Tisanity was created out of our love for the complexity, diversity, culture, and feeling of plant-based drinks. Whether it be tea, coffee, mate, or fermented drinks like kombucha, we have a love and respect for it that has brought us to our craft.

We (Nathan & Izzy) have been best friends since kindergarten. We grew up living similar lifestyles; we have always loved playing sports, keeping healthy and active, hiking, and connecting with nature. No matter what we are doing, it's better with people and a beverage you love. 

I (Izzy, our head brewer) have loved tisanes literally since I was a baby. My mom used to give me rooibos with milk to help me sleep. As I grew up I began drinking tea, coffee, mate, and anything else I could get my hands on. About 10 years ago I began diving into the techniques and culture surrounding these beverages, expanding my palate and knowledge. Around the same time I was introduced to kombucha and began brewing my own. Tisanity is a result of this lifetime of love and experience, and its goal is to share it.


{tih-ZAN-ih-tee} (n.)

From "Tisane" (herbal infusion, medicinal tea) and "Sanity" (healthy condition, soundness of mind)

1. The tranquility and vigor derived from drinking plant-infused beverages.

2. (From "insanity") The madness associated with the desire to consume and experience the variety of complex and wonderful plants from different cultures and areas.

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