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  • Is your kombucha raw, fair trade, organic, vegan, etc?
    Our kombucha is always raw and we use fair trade and organic products when possible. While we are always honest in our ingredients list, organic ingredients may not be listed as such and our product does not carry the organic seal. You may contact us if you have questions. Kombucha is vegan while Jun uses honey.
  • Does your product need to stay refrigerated or cold?
    Yes! Our kombucha is raw and living, if it reaches room temperature for very long periods it will start to build more pressure and can cause liquid or even glass explosions. It will also taste different.
  • What are the little things in my kombucha?
    Our product is raw and living, and sometimes you'll get a byproduct of fermentation in the bottle. It is 100% safe to consume, but just as easy to filter out. Some of our products are much less likely to contain these, but it is always a sign of a strong and healthy culture.
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