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All services are available for both dry and brewed teas, herbs, and coffees, as well as our fermented beverages such as kombucha and jun.


Weddings, parties, and anything else!  You can use some of our suggested flavors or do custom flavors and labels to bring your own unique beverage to your next event!


Have you ever wanted to learn how the ins and outs of teas, herbs, or fermenting? We'll teach you all you need to know and walk you through the process! Available with or without supplies.


Tastings are a fun activity for a small group of people or social gatherings. We also offer free tastings for people interested in events or personalized products. Try before you buy!


We pride ourselves on our natural ingredients and process. We also have extensive knowledge of countless plants and can incorporate them in higher amounts for those who want to drink and enjoy their medicine.


Whether you want something simple or outside the box, we can do it! We love to do things the traditional way just as much as we love pushing boundaries. 


We are open to any and all artists or business owners who would like to collaborate! Labels, blends, drinks, or something on your end, please feel free to reach out to us! (may be temporarily on hold while we get our store back up)

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