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from "tisane" and "sanity"

: sound physical and mental health brought on by the consumption of an herbal infusion such as tea or coffee

Tisanity was created out of our love for the variety of unique herbal beverages nature has to offer and the many benefits that come with them. We are passionate about experimenting with new flavors and finding new ways to help our customers live a happier and healthier lifestyle. All of our products are small-batch, ethically sourced, and made in hope to reach as many people out there as possible.

We (Nathan & Izzy) have been best friends since kindergarten. We grew up living similar lifestyles; we have always loved playing sports, keeping healthy and active lifestyles, hiking, and connecting with nature. No matter what we are doing, it's better with people and a beverage you love. Through our knowledge and creativity, we hope to make products that everyone can love! 

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